2nd Day of Year 2008 …

‘This is the day’. I talked to myself this morning when I reached my office. Plugging in my thumb drive, or should I call it pen drive or USB pen drive or whatever, I opened up my portable Firefox and start searching for free blog site. In the past, I thought of blogging is a waste of time and meaningless. No offense. Anyway, I believe I was wrong.

Okay. Next, I gotta think of a name for my blog site. A name which is not jz my name, but a symbolic name. I thought of posting jz IT stuffs but wouldn’t it be better to have more varieties. At least when I look back at what I had posted, it will be memories rather than just IT.

Anyway, the question that matters is, ‘How long can I maintain this blog?’ HAHAHAHA … Those who know me will know the reason behind the question.

All right. Apologies now. I’ve been rather out today. I should be talking about the naming part, shouldn’t I? Well, I’ve chosen ‘xpi4u’. The idea of it is ‘Experience Ideas for You’.

Okay, okay, I got it. Copycat, not innovative, not creative or whatever you like to call it. I don’t mean to copy that word ‘xp’ for experience like the Windows kind of thing.

My original idea is just ‘i4u’ which means ‘Ideas for you’. However, it has been taken by some bloggers who never update their site while some blog sites think that it is too short.

Anyway, ‘xpi4u’,that’s it. Well, well, I’ve managed to think of another name for my blog which is to ‘My Ideas 4 You’. Sounds nice to me, though. Maybe, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s it: ‘My Ideas 4 You’.

The reason of using xpi4u initially was because I prefer to have the same name as my e-mail account’s username. After second thought, I decided to prevent myself from using those xp (Windows XP), factor (X-Factor) or corner (My Corner) phrase for my blog’s name.

Streaming ITV, BBC, and Channel 4
Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to stream UK channels through my PC. Thanks to my sis who told me that her fren has a USB TV kind of thing that cost around £22. Previously, I had tried the stream ITV channels using Vista Sidebar gadgets but it doesn’t work as it keeps showing copyrights statement.

I was never serious in searching for free tv streaming on the internet until yesterday.

After searching for a while, I found out that ITV and Channel 4 actually offer live streaming and BBC offers downloads.

However, as I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and IE7, there have been some problems with the Windows Media Player plugins and DRM issues. Initially, there was a Flash problem as well, as IE7 shows that I do not have Flash plugin installed. But after googling for some time, I found a solution of it. The problems indication are shown by ITV compatibility checker when I try to stream live telecast.

Windows Media Player plugin
Logically, WMP plugin should be embedded in IE7 especially on Vista as WMP 11 comes preinstalled with Vista and especially the version that I am using is Windows Vista Ultimate. Well, the compatibility checker shows that I need to have WMP 9 or above.

Digital Rights Management DRM
My understanding is that it is a copyright kind of thing for playing protected media. It’s been a headache trying to reset DRM on Vista. I’ve followed Microsoft’s solutions but it doesn’t seem to work. I found some new ways to reset it and will try to sort it out tonight.

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