ITV and Channel 4 Streaming – FIXED …

I got back home yesterday at about 8:30pm. After shower and dinner, I hardly had any time to test out Mee’s laptop and the DRM stuff. However, I decided to carry on with the DRM. Finally, I managed to fix it.

My problem was unable to stream ITV and Channel 4 on the internet using IE7 on Vista.

The breakdown of my problem was:

  1. IE7 unable to detect Flash Player plugin
  2. IE7 unable to detect WMP 9 or above
  3. IE7 unable to detect DRM

No matter how many times I try to install or reinstall Flash Player plugin from Adobe, diagnostic will still show that Flash Player plugin is not detected.

User Agent String Utility

From the link, I am able to download the User Agent String Utility package which emulates my IE7 to IE6. After installing UASU, it virtually runs IE7 as IE6. I proceed to the diagnostic again and voila! My flash player plugin is detected.

To make sure it works 100%, I opened IE7 as usual and magically, the emulation made my IE7 to detect the Flash Player plugin.

Now, it’s down to WMP plugin and DRM. This was a quick fix. But before this, I tried resetting DRM by deleting the files in %ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsDRM and restarting the computer. However, it does no effect. I then proceed to upgrade my DRM through the link below but the button is greyed out.

Upgrade DRM

After googling, there is a user recommends to disable a Windows Media Center Receiver Service before resetting and upgrading DRM. Little did I know that my Windows Media Center Receiver Service was never started.

As I said it was a quick fix, just by enabling the service made my system to pass the diagnostic. In fact, I believe that my DRM was never the problem.

Below is the sample of the diagnostic but the result was performed on my office computer.

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