No snow day …

My alarm went off this morning at 6:50am. In fact, it goes off at 6:50am every day that I am working. But, as usual, I tend to stay on my bed for another 5 mins. I am sure everyone does that. Maybe longer than I am.

As I got up, I look through the window. No snow. Well, I was told by my sis and colleagues that, ‘It is going to snow!! Be prepared.’

I got on a bus at 7:50am, alight at the town centre. Normally, I will walk to the train station to get the Metro newspaper before another walk of 15 mins to my office. On the way, I saw a few ‘Eskimos’. I bet they were told that it is going to snow today.

You must be thinking what I had been doing from 6:50am to 7:50am then. First off, I will brush my teeth and take shower. Later on, I will gel my hair, have a cup of cereal and put in the lovely sandwich; which Mee prepared for me, in the microwave for 2 mins.

Sounds boring? Well, it’s for the ‘wonder’man and ‘wonder’woman out there reading my blog anyway.

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