A very good day …

Good day, nice weather, nice dream yesterday, nice lunch break. Everything seems to be nice today but surely, something always let me down. The heating is off from last night until this morning. Maybe the landlord did something with the heating timing when he came yesterday. And it’s really ’shock’ to take shower in the morning without heating.

The Virgin Media’s technician came just now and Mee was there to see what he was up to. But this time it was a different technician and he however, managed to fix the line temporarily. He will need to come again next Saturday to get the cable done properly.

I dreamt last night, but it was a good dream. I tried to recall it but I could not. Maybe I will recall it tomorrow. Hope so.

Last night, Mee went to Lidl with Aga; one of our housemates. After work, I went to the town to buy my £1 umbrella and top up my mobile before meeting them at Lidl. I took a bus from bus station because walking to Lidl will take me about 25mins and it was raining at that time. As it was my first time going to Lidl by bus, I asked the driver before boarding. He was kind enough to slow down the bus and asked if anyone is going to Lidl as the bus approached Lidl.

Later, Aga, Mee and I walked back to our house; about 20-25 mins walk. After our dinner, we chatted with Aga about their Polish food, fruits and some relationship stuffs. At Lidl, Mee recommended Aga to buy some mangoes and dragon fruit because she never tasted it. The dragon fruit costs 99p each and she loved it. I told her about durian but she never heard of it.

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