PoV: Salling Clicker v3.5 and Nokia E61 …

“Salling Clicker is our award-winning remote control software. It lets you control popular applications from a mobile phone or handheld computer through a user interface similar to a portable media player” – quoted from Salling Clicker website

I would say that it’s a pretty powerful piece of mobile software that enables user to control PC applications.

So far, I have only tried two main functions of it; Control the System and Windows Media Player. I am now able to launch Windows Media Player from Nokia E61 through WiFi. I can edit my playlists, open my playlists as well as creating new playlists. Controlling WMP is rather easy just by using the joystick; left and right for previous and next song, up and down for volume control, hold left and right will fast-reverse and fast-forward the current song. Pressing the joystick will then play or pause the current song.

There are 3 options to control the system; Mouse Pointing, System Volume and Shutdown. There is another useless option, Show Device Info. Joystick is used to control the Mouse Pointing and it’s quite smooth though it’s sort of slow-motion compared to using the mouse device.

The software itself support scripting where user can add their own script to control more functions and more programs. However, I find that the original scripts are good enough and stable.

It claimed that Salling Clicker supports both bluetooth and WiFi. However, I have difficulties connecting SE W850i to Salling Clicker through Bluetooth connection. It kept prompting that Bluetooth device not found. Connecting WiFi using Nokia E61 is effortless and quick.

Another inconvenient function is that when I select a playlist to play, there is no back button to view the playlist’s songs and I have to go back to the menu and browse for the playlist again.

After all, it’s still a good piece of software compare to other mobile software out there. It costs ¬£12.82 excluding taxes but free upgrade for registered users.

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