Test Drive : Unlimited – The Fifth Day …

As I mentioned that I had installed Test Drive: Unlimited, and it is truly about real driving experience. It offers clutch option for gear changing and small details like windows up and down. There’s also cockpit view and the sound details will change like I am sitting inside the car. It’s easier to lost control when driving high speed. However, car damages will only be seen on normal traffic cars but not on racers’ cars. The GPS navigation is similar to PSP with the female robotic voice. I can’t seem to get the radio working and I think that it had been stripped by the uploader.

Until now, I am able to access amateur races and I am particularly interested in one of the game features in which I will need to pick up models and etc and help them to reach their destinations within a specific time. In addition, I will get coupons for each successful mission which enables me to exchange clothing. Furthermore, there is also a transporter mission that normally does not incur time limit and it is very lucrative but I will have to compensate if I am not able to accomplish the mission.

All in all, Test Drive: Unlimited offers a lot of missions and it is a much slow-paced game compared to Need for Speed.

After four days of playing, I managed to acquire a house and two cars and had a pro status.

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