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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I have learned once more. Mee and I had been criticising the day we got our hands on it but I have totally changed my point of view since I used it from 29th January 2008.

At the beginning, the very next day we signed a contract with 3 and saw the logo Amoi on its manual, I started looking for comments on forums and blogs. My first thought was that I should have googled before deciding to choose Skypephone. I had very less confidence in this phone and thought that those reviews praising this phone were rubbish. I had even posted a comment on one of the site.


January 17th, 2008 2:31pm myi4u

First of all, I agreed with John Smith.

I’ve just signed up for 3 yesterday and chosen the Skypephone. At a first glance, I thought it’s not a bad phone. When I tried putting in the battery, sim card and mmc, I felt that it is fragile and plastic.

The battery cover doesn’t fit properly, I believe it is due to the mechanism where there’s a magnet at the bottom of it. When I read the manual, I saw a Amoi logo and I have a feeling that I had made a mistake.

I regret for not making research on the internet. I regret for not trying out the display phone. Well, anyway, no one to blame but myself.

I am just wondering how long it will last and how long it will take for the usb port cover to break.

Personally, even 6630 is a better phone. Yeah, I am talking about an old model which I am using it now as my alarm.


Haha … now I am regretting for making that comment and would like to apologize to those who made the reviews. Don’t be mistaken. I am not bribed by anyone.

I should point out that the quality of the make is indeed fragile than other mobile phones in the market. And I would not pay £49.99 (the current price) for this phone.

First, the battery life is quite amazing. I had only charged it thrice (29th January, 7th February and yesterday) since I first used it. When it’s on the 12th February, the battery level has only consumed 25% – 30% (estimated). I must admit that I did not make much calls myself and mostly texting. However, I had previously used SE W850i and Nokia 6630 which lasted about 4 to 5 days the longest. I believe part of the reasons lie on the screen saver and brightness. The screen saver is plain and simple, with the options of time and date, or a picture. The unit does not illuminate until I unlock it where Nokia and SE tend to illuminate when any buttons are pressed.

The screen resolution is terrible. The 2.0mp camera without flash is standard. Pictures do not look good on the phone itself but they are still good when uploaded to computer. The keypad is quite cramp too. The menu is simple with only 9 plain icons and the only animation is just glowing of icons when selected. The front menu buttons are not customizable as shortcuts or goto functions, thus the only way to access applications and such is to drill in to the menus.

The user interface could have been better. Some of the options when chosen, there are no indication whether the options are saved. On some rare occasions, notepad and messaging exited while I was still typing.

The memory card sits underneath the battery which will be considered a bad point for most phones but not this one, though. It can be easily connected to computer as USB mass storage and its connector for pc connection and charger is the same USB connector. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity as well.

As the name suggests, SkypePhone, connecting to Skype is effortless and a button is created specifically for launching Skype is right at the middle. Mee had tried connecting to Skype effortlessly on Chinese New Year’s eve and chatted with her friend in Edinburgh for more than an hour while experiencing 3 disconnections. However, I believe that it could be owing to low network coverage in our area. 3 network is also offering free MSN based on fair use policy and MSN comes preinstalled. There are only two trial version of games; Tetris Pac-Man.

Other than that, it also has notepad, calendar, profile settings, alarm and calculator. The sound quality is acceptable and louder than the mobile phones I had before. One thing which I should also give credit to is the easiness of typing SMS messages. The T9 prediction is standard but the response between each button pressed is fast.

Overall, it is quite a fast phone when typing messages and manoeuvring the menus. I would say that it’s just a standard but light-weighted phone. I would rather not have the camera but improve its functionalities and quality of the phone.

UPDATE 210208 1517

There is one nifty feature which enable the SkypePhone to navigate to the main menu without closing applications such as Notepad, Calendar and the likes but not MSN. In order to switch between the open applications, there is a button on the right with 5 squares engraved icon on it.

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