Need for Speed: Carbon – The Fourth and Seventh Day …

I finally managed to install Need for Speed: Carbon. First, I had problem with the antivirus where it tried to scan the file for viruses and it took such a long time that it disable itself and windows become standstill for some moment. As I am using normal user account, it requires administrator permissions in order to install games but the UAC never prompts and the system was busy all the time.

Tired of waiting, I just opened up task manager and force the system to run consent.exe which brought up UAC prompt eventually. Well, at least 2-5 minutes of waiting. After that, the installation went smoothly. Even though the installation windows were in German, but it’s quite the same as with other games which is to click the Next button all the way.

Another hurdle was to change the language from German to English. There’s a registry file provided together with a batch file. The batch file operates by change the entire movie files with a word German in it to English and then run the registry file.

It was not that successful and simple. I believe my version of NFS Carbon is European as I checked through the registry key. And the registry file provided is actually changing the language to English US. Even so, I still changed it to English US in the registry, hoping that it will work. However, the game crashed upon loading. After fiddling a while, I managed to figure out that I should use English UK since it is a European version. I tried only English but it doesn’t work either. So, from now on, I will start my car career in NFS Carbon.

Test Drive: Unlimited is limited for me until I got my own steering wheel.


I done all of the above on the 15th February 2008. As I was getting hot to play NFS Carbon on Saturday, it turned out that the game just crashed after playing movie files. I googled for some similar user problems and come to a solution which is to use Vista Compatibility mode and set it to Windows 98; only Windows 98. To my surprise, it really works. However, no more than 5 mins. And the game lagged a lot.

I spent almost 1 hour by changing the registry and the compatibility mode and finally, came to a solution.

  1. I changed the registry key to English UK and en-uk rather than English US and en-us as US will make the game crash
  2. Disable the compatibility mode
  3. Rename the movie folder to something other than that

I have been playing NFS Carbon since Saturday and had conquered the southern part. For now, I considered it to be fairly an easy game compared to NFS Most Wanted. However, I love the drifting part and the muscle cars selections. And I also found out that NFS Carbon has some similar key controls like Test Drive: Unlimited such as the clutch and gear customization. They would be for the steering wheel but the control in NFS Carbon is much enjoyable than in Test Drive: Unlimited.

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