Schools Holiday …

This morning was freezing. I was like a chimney. As I walked to the bus stop, I saw a guy whom I never saw before, waiting for bus. The bus came minutes later. Upon getting onboard, the people in the bus were not those familiar faces whom I had seen before. I was even thinking that I am in the wrong bus.

When I alight from the bus, the town is quiet. As I walked to my work place, I missed all the familiar faces which I would normally see everyday. I was thinking again. Did just a weekend change everything in the town? Am I in a drama kind of thing? The next thing I saw was a lady driving a Volkswagen crashed into a van stationed at the side of the road. When I walked past it, the Volkswagen suffered a serious damage compared to its victim. But the lady was fine, just sad.

Luckily, I saw my familiar colleague in the office. The first thing she asked me was whether I had notice something different today. I said yes and she told me that it is school holiday this week. HAHAHA … If I tell this to Mee, she would have stopped me from watching movies in the future. I do realize that I get a lot of inspiration from movies and drama.

I am happy today as I talk a lot with my colleague today. Not really a lot, but more than my usual self in the office. In fact, I like talking anyway.

It’s hot now, and we have our air-con in working right now. It’s funny that one moment it’s freezing cold and hours later, it’s baking hot. Just had our training today postponed to don’t know when. I would have thought to spend my rest of the day training rather than thinking.

While I was having my lunch, I saw two news that have my attention. One is about the population of the Earth is to many and we will have to find ways to reduce it; if not, it could be very serious. Another thing is that Virgin Media has offered free upgrade for its users from 4MB to 10MB connection. FOC. Mine is 2MB and obviously, I don’t get such offer. Anyway, since mine is cheap package, I will just stick to it first for the rest of 9 months. In addition, Virgin Media is going to introduce a whopping 50MB connection soon. Imagine download a song with just a click.

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