Unlocking and Debranding P990i

My idea on using mobile phones is to have all the functionality. It is only after I come to UK, I feel the troublesome when the mobile phone is branded and locked to a particular network that you registered with. I cannot do any updates on the phone, some of the functions are not available compared to unbranded firmware versions and if I switch to another network, I cannot use my phone anymore, unless I unlock it.

I have unlocked Mee’s Sony Ericsson V630i and it was quite easy because I can update it with another firmware which will virtually debrand the phone altogether. However, my P990i was not that lucky and I have to go through some processes to have it unlocked and debranded.

Forums are very useful and I have followed the resources that I gathered from forums and managed to unlock and debrand my P990i. And now, I published it into one article where you can find it from the link below.

Article Link ~ Unlocking and Debranding P990i ~

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