My Birthday pictures gallery …

As planned, Mee bought two sponge cakes for me and I had cut into 24 pieces, shared by 16 colleagues. The rest is stored in the fridge. They said that they will have it later. One of my colleagues gave me a kiss too. Well, she is old enough to be my mom, so do not think otherwise.

I feel sorry for Mee because she came all the way from home just to buy two sponge cakes under the pouring rain. I did mention about her to my colleagues and they were very grateful.

Hmmm… It is still raining. Mee has to come out again later for dinner. We plan to have our dinner at Weatherspoon.

My picture gallery is still not working at its best. My birthday pictures gallery is using the new Galleria image gallery but there are still works that need to be done. However, it is working alright now and I do not have the time to modify the whole thing yet. Anyway, what people want to see is only pictures, isn’t it? Pardon me for my look because those pictures were taken midnight and I was in the mood of dreaming.

Gallery on hold until further notice!

More to be uploaded.

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