Laugh loud, laugh often

Reader’s Digest has been one of the favourite magazines around the world. I have seen the older version of Reader’s Digest which was a bigger version compare to the nowadays compact size of Reader’s Digest. In fact, the characteristic of Reader’s Digest has not changed over the years. It still brings useful information, incredible stories and adventures to its readers. There are also vocabulary section and jokes which keep the readers happy.

RD Laughs Main is the online version that has enormous amount of information as well as stand-up videos and photos that will keep the readers laugh out loud. Well, soon, I will be writing my own joke and have it submitted in order to get a chance to win $100. Yes, you can do the same too to win $100.

The laugh is never going to stop. More and more readers are submitting their own jokes, funny cartoons and videos to get them rated. Get up to date with the Jokes RSS feeds so that you will not miss out any jokes anytime and anywhere. I have done that, have you?

Not too sure how RSS feeds work? Believe it or not, I have friends who do not know what RSS feeds are. If you are one of them, then sign up for the Laughs newsletter first to get the jokes emailed to you before you find out what RSS feeds are.

This dog is definitely hardworking. I have to do my job now, but be sure to visit Reader’s Digest Laugh.

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