Yes, I won …

Today has been quite hot but windy. The weather is totally different from what had been described by my colleagues’ day earlier. I think a lot of people are planning for bbq.

I received a call earlier from Mee saying that there is a letter for me by my previous employer. The letter says that I can collect my final wages from their Basingstoke branch and ask for my uniform in return. Well, it is only a simple process where they just issue check on my final wages a week after I resigned but they just want to make things complicated. So, if that is what they want, I will do the same for them as well. Anyway, I won the battle.

I am working on the image gallery, still figuring out the codes because the images are slight off the alignment but I just found out the main reason before I went for lunch. However, I need to go through lines of codes before knowing the real culprit. Wish me luck!

In News Today

Ronaldo declared, ‘I want to play for Real Madrid’. Well, this is some kind of serious declaration. I wonder if it is really good for him to go to Real Madrid since I do not really know of any famous player that comes from the club instead of goes to the club.

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