Finding some PSP titles …

I am now looking for new games for my PSP since I will be going to Scotland end of this month. Hmm.. I will have plenty of time to play games I think. So far, the game that I can think of is Metal Gear Acid. I have Metal Gear Acid 2 but I thought of playing the first version first before playing the second. Well, why I have Metal Gear Acid 2 instead of the first version? Erm… When I first bought my PSP, I would always go into games store and CD stores like HMV, Virgin Media which is called Zavvi now, GAME and Gamestation to check out any new games or any discounted games. One day, I saw Metal Gear Acid on sales for £9.99 and I thought of buying it since it was quite cheap and I could use my student card to get extra 10% off. However, when I went to the counter, the cashier gave me Metal Gear Acid 2 in a Metal Gear Acid box. That was how I gotten Metal Gear Acid 2.

I have been waiting for Gran Turismo PSP but the release date is still unavailable. GT5 for PS3 is out now though.

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