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Every individual is special and has the power to change something or create something different. However, it depends a lot on determination and of course, willingness but it is not restricted to age, race, or gender. I mean everyone. – Make Your Mark talks about people who make an extra effort to create something extraordinary. Mission to Haiti is an organization that aims to improve the overall living standard and condition in Haiti; an extreme poverty nation. A 77-year-old woman called Helen Little was shocked when she knew about the condition in Haiti after attending a church service. Since then, she has made 41 trips to Haiti with the aim to help Haiti nation in any way she can.

Funds are extremely important in order to improve Haiti. Thus, even when Helen Little is not in Haiti, she spends her time fund-raising by telling the conditions she saw in Haiti to church members and local residents as well as writing letters to companies asking for financial support.

You too, could make a difference by taking part in – Weekly Challenge; Step, Stretch and Leap to a better world. There are links to organization websites where you could help where possible. A lot of people have made the effort, so, why wait? Go online with Reader’s Digest Homepage and discover a lot more.

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