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As you may know, Mee and I will be going on a trip to Scotland end of this month. Even though it is not the first time we go on a trip, but somehow we tend to lost our way when packing stuffs that we should bring. Most of the time, we often discovered that quite a lot of stuffs we did not actually use or wear after we came back on a trip. Thus, we did not really make use of the space and we increased the luggage weight instead.

Nevertheless, I am quite worried about this trip. However, – Family Life provides just all the tips that you ever need to know when going on a trip. I am most interested in the Health Tips for Trips articles where it covers things like smart packing, fighting off jet lag and quell the queasiness. Well, jet lag may not apply in my current plan, but it is useful when I travel back to Malaysia.

After reading – Parenting, I have prepared a small sling bag where I will pack all the necessary things such as plasters and panadols. I may need to buy some allergic tablets as well because it is summer now. There are so many articles to read from which help us, readers, in making the most of our trips. I will take my time to read now so that I am not missing out anything.

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