Lazy Sunday …

It was extremely hot in the afternoon. Mee and I went to Lidl to buy some fruits and vegetables in the morning and after that, we did nothing except watching Hong Kong drama.

I have started playing Metal Gear Acid and I guess that it requires some kind of tactic in order to accomplish missions. Well, for those who does not know what kind of games it is, I will explain it now. It is a turn-based strategy game and needs a lot of thinking as to which type of strategy to use in order to kill the enemies. I prefer turn-based strategy than real-time strategy game is because it normally requires a certain amount of thinking rather than going straight into the battle in order to accomplish missions.

Also, I have updated my birthday gallery into the latest image gallery coding. I will check it out again in the office tomorrow to make sure that it is stable to use before I implement it to other image gallery.

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