Sleep at 2300 …

I missed the bus today but I was not late for work, though. It is sunny and bright and we, my colleagues and I, are so hot that we switched on the fan. The air-con will not work properly if it is switched on for long, so, they will normally not use the air-con.

I had received two comments from my readers and only to find that I have not yet customized my comment’s design. I should have noticed it when I read my sis’ comments but I cannot explain.

Nowadays, Mee is determined to sleep at 2300 every day. Yes, everyday, even on Saturday, Bank holiday, public holiday and birthday. Well, I just have to follow. It is not a bad thing anyway; sleep early and wake up early. The problem for me is that I will always wake up between 0500 and 0600 naturally yet my alarm is supposed to wake me up at 0655.

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