A noisy night …

While I am ready to add in comments listing to my blog, net2ftp server is not working smoothly. What I mean by comments listing is a function that will list out the some current comments that were posted into my blog. However, I need to add the codes and test it out before implement it LIVE. But I guess that I will have to postpone it until net2ftp is functioning.

Part of the reason of implementing the comments listing is that readers can view my reply from there rather than going into the post and check if any replies are posted.

The weather today is good too. Well, I have yet to receive my sis’ email regarding the hamper thing. Hehehe…. I am not meaning anything but she must have done it because Father’s day is just around the corner.

My housemates were very noisy last night. It was 2300 already and two of them threw rubbish and one of them still playing guitar. Sometimes, I do not really understand these people. They treat the house like their own and not their own too. It may sound a bit absurd but it is not.

It is like their home.

  1. They make noises anywhere and anytime they like
  2. They use our stuff without asking
  3. They never follow the routine

It is not their home.

  1. They do not like to lock the door
  2. They open the living room and kitchen window and door but never close them
  3. They never clean what is made dirty by them

Sometimes, it is quite hard to actually know what these people are thinking. Living with others needs a lot of patience especially we are living downstairs. They may not understand us and might even think that we are fussy. And maybe, everyone thinks they are right.

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