Identity Theft, Full Stop.


I have a friend who worked in a credit card fraud department. His main responsibility is to monitor the credit cards transactions and stop any suspicious transaction. Then, he would call the card user to find out whether the transaction is valid. When I heard about his job description, I felt somewhat safe to use my credit card anywhere and anytime. However, when I thought about it again, why credit cards’ information can be stolen in the first place anyway?

Since I come to UK, I am used to pay everything using my credit card whether it is offline or online. I have also signed up a paypal account because my credit card details are entered into my paypal account and when I make any purchases, I will only need to login my paypal account rather than entering my credit card details in the online merchants. In addition, I can transfer fund to my paypal account and use the fund to make purchases. However, paypal is not widely used by online merchants, thus, most of the times, when I need to make any online purchases, I will still have to enter my cards details.

Shop Shield® is the latest and most complete protection against identity theft and fraud when its users shop online. The process is just like paypal where users create logins and enter credit cards information into Shop Shield® and make purchases using Shop Shield® logins. However, Shop Shield® provides more than paypal because the logins can be used on any sites and it protects against viruses, phishing and spam. So now, you can shop safe and never have to worry about fraud as your information is never sent over to the merchant sites.

Just 3 simple steps:

  1. Shop online as usual
  2. Create anonymous checkout info with Shop Shield®
  3. Fill anonymous info into merchant checkout pages

Simple as that. This is a completely free service and every transaction is being monitored and recorded.

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