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My family first and foremost vacuum cleaner was a big and bulky look machine. It was a two tone high powered sucking machine that determined to clean up your house every time it went on action. Every neighbour and every passer-by will know that when the big machine was doing its work, which meant, we were vacuuming.

Time past, technology changed drastically. That machine that once made some family envy because they could not afford it had been forgotten. Well, we were not allowed to use the vacuum cleaner frequently because at the end of the month, we might receive a huge electricity bill. Thus, we would sweep and mop during normal days.

Today, their future generation is lightweight, portable, cordless, fast, more power, cheaper, smaller and swifter. And the latest Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac are the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star approval. Thus, compared to other vacuum cleaner, AccuCharge uses 70% less energy. If compared to vacuum cleaner’s ancestors, the percentage will be alarming.

AccuCharge definitely beats its competitors in terms of cordless and energy saving. My main consideration in getting a vacuum cleaner is always portability because I need to have the ability to reach certain area while manoeuvring around easily. Also, the AccuCharge Hand Vac will certainly be useful for car users. What can we ask for more when AccuCharge helps to clean our house while consume little electricity?

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