Accidents at work

Since I joined my current company, I am required to attend seven mandatory trainings which include health and safety, equal opportunities, discrimination act and so on. I did learn a lot after attending those trainings because there are things that we are not supposed to say or do. It is even surprising when we are not supposed to say ‘disabled toilet’ even though the words are displayed in major shopping centres. Instead, we should say accessible toilets or some other polite terms.

Also, we are supposed to report to the duty manager when we are injured at work even if it is only paper cut. If worker A is tripped over because of spill over of coffee and hurt his back, the employer, the person who spill the coffee and worker A are responsible for the incident. The person who spill the coffee is responsible because he did not clean and put up a caution sign immediately while the employer is liable because the incident happens in the office. Worker A may be responsible too because he should have been cautious.

Thus, in order for injury claims to be valid, worker A must prove that some person or organization other than himself is fully or partially liable for the incident. Compensation is legally called ‘damages’ and is divided into two different categories; general damages and special damages.

General damages are accessed through medical report while special damages relate to out of pocket expenses such as travel expenses and damage to properties.

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