Morning rain …

It was raining early in the morning. Quite a weird weather because it is bright and sunny now. The temperature seems to be lower compared to previous days. The heating at my rented house is also weird. We thought that the owner might have turned it off since the weather was hot in the past few days. However, we find that it works only in the evening, not in the morning. He has the heating installed in a way that we push a button when we need it and the heating will go on for about 3 hours but it will be totally off from 0000 to 0700.

It is only Thursday and I thought it is Friday already. My sis told me that tomorrow is Black Friday. I wonder if everyone will wear black tomorrow. I do not remember seeing a lot of people wearing black during last year’s black Friday.

I saw this toy model in a toy shop yesterday and thought that it looked nice.

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