Victory hair defined!

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Extreme Style by VO5 presents ‘The Ultimate Flirting Championship’ where you can create your own online image and avatar in order to attract the other players in the game. The gameplay is simple; one judge and two flirters. You will be randomly chosen to be either the judge or the flirter. 5 questions will be asked by the judge from the selections available and the flirters will type in their own answers as creative and flirt as possible to attract the judge. The judge will then choose the best answers. If you are the flirter, be sure to respond as extreme as possible to score the Victory Hair with the judge.

Well, you can do much more with ‘The Ultimate Flirting Championship’ by grabbing the widget and put it on your social pages or blogs to attract more players and increase you traffic with this ever popular championship. My very own steps to achieve Victory Hair are as follow;

Step 1:
Of course, style my hair using Extreme Style by VO5
Step 2:
Watch movie
Step 3:
Buy Dinner with a gift; Extreme Style by VO5
Step 4:
Discotheque and sure we will have some victory hair style

I have joined the ‘Ultimate Flirting Championship’ and been selected as a judge a few times. It is very interesting to see the kind of extreme answers you get from the flirters. Do it now and you will understand what I mean.

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