Holiday coming …

Sunny day. It is Tuesday and next week, I will be enjoying my long holiday. I cannot wait for that day to come and more things to do after the holiday. I will have two secret things in my to do list and of course, to get a laptop at the end of the year. Well, everything will surely involve in money. What is the best way to save money? Do not spend at all. Well, honestly, I cannot do that.

I am quite hungry now but there are still 15 minutes before lunch.

Christmas is still months away and some colleagues are organizing Christmas party already. The party is not organised to be company wide but it is for people who are interested in it. The fee is £38.50 per person and the party is organised by a company which specializes in organizing all types of party around the UK. It has its own ground and the events are targeted to party in groups, large scales and the likes.

Best Parties Ever

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