Another problem solved …

I have been fiddling around with my blog coding again because it does not display some of the information correctly. It is quite irritating because one of my posts does not get approved because of the error whereas my previous posts were approved and paid without any error. Anyway, I managed to fix it now and resubmit again. Hopefully, it will get approved soon. Sometimes, I just think that I have quite a number of redundant codes in my CSS and html. I will have to get rid of them and that might help to reduce the loading time to my blog.

Today is windy and not a bit of sunshine. One of the car park spaces has been converted into a hall with a large marquee being setup for presentation ceremonies and student’s party. The already limited parking spaces have caused more problems to those who drive where they have to park at the other side of the building and I think it definitely causes some traffic jam at the entrance.

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