Busy days ahead …

The weather is good today. I have been busy printing some labels for one of my colleagues and doing some SQL thing as well. In the meantime, I have also finished an opportunity which is reserved for me. So fast, it is Thursday already. I cannot wait for the weekend to come and also my holiday!!! By the way, I am also worried that I could not update my blog frequently. Anyway, it is rest time for me.

I will be testing a method to speed up my P990i posted by some forum buddies. Well, it seems to work for some users, erm … all users I think. I have not heard of anyone saying that it does not speed up P990i at all. In addition, I have been looking for some themes for P990i and PSP so that I could test them out this weekend. It seems like my weekend is packed with tasks.

Yesterday, Mee did not sleep well because the housemates were quite noisy at the kitchen. At 2300, the husband and wife took turn to cook instant noodle; not sure it was for their supper but why couldn’t they cook together? Then another housemate just kept getting in and out of the house. Surely no one would do that in the middle of the night. Well, what can we do when our housemates are not understanding enough?

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