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Everyday, I see people listening to all types of mp3 players; iPod touch, iPod nano, Nokia mobile phones, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Sony MP3 and MP4 players, whether they are walking or waiting for bus or in the bus and the volume varies. Sometimes, I wonder if I am a little bit outdated because I do not seek for the latest music or music videos. Part of the reason is because I do not spend anytime watching tv programmes as before or listening to FM radio.

When I search for albums, I always avoid buying singles and go for mixed albums. That way, I am able to listen to variety of songs from various artists. Sites and Sounds is a blog with a compilation of music from various artists and it is updated regularly. Instead of searching for songs that are popular and latest right now, just browse the site and you will be able to read albums and artists profiles. Everyone loves free things. New and Free music at Sites and Sounds are included in each posts with the download links of songs. Thus, get free music at Sites and Sounds now because they are not only free, but informative too.

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