Harley Davidson

One of the things that I hated the most when I was back in Malaysia was the sounds emitting from the exhaust of the motorcycles. They are so loud and irritating. Even though the police always crackdown illegal racing and modification of motorcycles, somehow it does not seem enough. If I have the options to choose, I would prefer to hear the growling sound from Harley Davidson bikes.

When I first started my motorcycles lessons about 10 years ago, I wished that I could change my lessons to larger engine capacity so that I could drive using the Harley Davidson-like bike. Well, I did not think that the driving school was generous enough to purchase a Harley Davidson for its students to practice. Imagine driving a Harley Davidson equipped with Harley Davidson jackets, Harley Davidson gloves, Harley Davidson helmet and accessories. Well, certainly not in Malaysia, but in UK because Malaysia is hot. However, I was scared that I might not have enough strength and my father would definitely object my thought.

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