Pizzas and pastas

Nowadays, everywhere is like a multi-racial place. Even at my current rented place, we have Malaysian, Chinese, Polish and British. Thus, a walk in town and high street will be greeted by different types of mini-markets and restaurants selling different types of foods by countries. Somehow, it is a bit inconvenient for Mee and I because there is no Chinese supermarket nearby. On the other hand, there is a new opening Italian restaurant which claims to be the best in town.

The last time Mee and I had an Italian meal was in Malaysia and we were so full because the portion of the main course was generous. We agreed that we could have shared the main course on our next visit. At that time, Mee mentioned to me about an Italian restaurant at La Jolla Cove when she and her family visited her sister sometime last year. The service was good and it has been rated as one of the Top-Ten Italian Restaurant by USA Today. Surely, I will love to try it when I have the chance because I just love pizzas and pastas.

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