Summer and tanning, are they linked?

Looking at the weather conditions nowadays, I am really looking forward to enjoying my holiday at Scotland. I have yet to experience summer at the beach in UK and this is my first holiday since I started my job last December.

The summer sales are going on almost all the stores around here and I had managed to pick up some beach wear last weekend from TKMaxx. That will surely come in handy during my holiday next week. I have also seen lots of discount tanning lotions, swimwear and beach towels. Well, I am not into tanning stuff but some of my colleagues have been using tanning lotions and I bet that they are on to the beach this weekend because their mood has been great all this time.

Nowadays, tanning lotions come with SPF and all kinds of fruits flavouring. It sure catches the heart of consumers who like tanning while keeping them smells nice and protecting them from the sun.

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