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Most people say that the first job will often determine your future career. Somehow, it is quite true but does not really apply to my situation. Things changed drastically over the years for me. My first job was working as a System Support Executive. That had continued for about four years in three different companies, managing and supporting different systems which were being sold by the companies. However, my fourth job was administering network. Even though the title was still System Support Executive, but the job responsibilities were System Administrator’s.

After which, I had decided to come to the UK to further my studies in Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Association with the aim to improve my knowledge as well as hoping to get a job after my studies. I am now in my fifth job as a MIS technician but the job’s role is more of Database Administrator and System Support. My decision to study MCSE was to put the bits and pieces in place from what I had learnt from my fourth job while I believe CCNA will be a great help in my future career as I will still explore in IT.

I would like to consider myself as experience IT support but I was not strong in networking and I must admit that Cisco certification is useful and most of the companies are using Cisco equipment. The different between obtaining a degree and a certified certification such as Cisco is various. Studying degree nowadays is essential but employers feel that the scope of teaching is too wide while certification will impress the employers as a better skilled candidate in regards to the type of jobs that you are applying.

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