Dream jobs

Finding a dream job has never been easy. When I was still studying my degree back in Malaysia, I always thought that my first job will be in an office where I will have my own desk and computer. Each employee’s workplace will be divided into cubes like what we normally see in movies and dramas. However, it does not work out that way most of the time. My first two jobs were with small companies and they did not have the facilities to provide a computer for each employee.

Things did improve when I was in my third and fourth job where I had my own workplace and computer. The best part is that all of my previous jobs were something relevant to my studies as well as my interest. Needless to say, my current job offers me the facilities in order for me to accomplish my tasks. Say if my current company hires me to do an Accountant Jobs but still providing me with all the necessary equipment and workplace or with better remuneration package, I will not see it as a dream job.

To me, a dream job does not necessary give you high salary but the employer is the more important factor that influences the factor to stay or leave. I have to admit that the reason of leaving my first three jobs were all down to the way I was treated by the employers in terms of remuneration package and workloads.

It seems quite unbelievable to me because I had worked for four different companies over a five years period in the past. However, some of my friends have more amazing records. What I believe in finding a job is to know what you want and what the employer wants during interview. Between each job finding process, I believe that I have sent at least 15 letters and more than 50 emails to different companies. Online applications are popular and more companies are willing to advertise over the internet rather than the newspaper. Never give up until the last minute or until you find the right job is essential because you never know what happen next. What you think that may not happen, may happen to you eventually.

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