Exciting week …

It was raining in the morning. Bad weather, I thought. Even worse was when I reached my workplace and there was no electricity at all. We were in the dark for about two hours before the backup generator was finally setup and connected. Then there was an announcement saying that there might be on and off power due to switching back and forth from the backup generator to the original generator or the main power supply. No one knows why the original generator did not work and the power was cut off since yesterday.

Even though the backup generator is up now but none of us can do our work because the server is not connected. Nothing is mentioned regarding the server condition and all of my colleagues seem to be doing paper work at the moment. I have no paperwork to do but I am reading through some documentations. It has been a while since they were placed on my table and tray but I have not really flipped through them.

I have just applied another day off this Friday. This is one of my secret activities that I mentioned before I went for holiday in Scotland. I will be buying a car. So, this Friday I will be going to my sis’ place to browse some cars because the car prices are cheaper over there compared to where I live now. Well, I will be getting something cheap so that it will not be a burden to me financially. Hopefully, I will spot on one this Friday. I have made a list of numbers to call and it will be great if the cars have not been sold.

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