Gaming, my favourite

I always proclaim myself as a gamer but sometimes, I do not think that I am a gamer. I just like to play games and not every game interests me. The first computer game I played was a green and black racing game where I could not remember the name. It was an Apple Macintosh computer game and on a 5.25” diskette. I play a lot of computer games until now but I am tired of having to upgrade my computer to the nearest specifications in order to play the games which I like. Two of my personal favourite games are FIFA and Need for Speed. My computer is still doing great when playing FIFA 2008 but struggles a bit with Prostreet.

My solution to this was to purchase a gaming console which I chose Playstation Portable. I am quite pleased to it because most of the games are available and the best is not to worry the compatibility of hardware specifications as long as the games are developed for Playstation Portable. If I were to move into a flat of my own in the future, I will most probably be getting Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 or xbox 360 consoles.

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