A hectic day …

I will be working until 2000 hours today. They are having part-time enrollment and so, quite a number of people are on standby including my manager. There will be another session on September. The good thing is that I will get time in lieu in addition to my existing yet to be applied leaves. But I will need to use them by end of August because that is the year end for this college.

Well, quite a number of people assume that I am a tutor or lecturer. Just because I work in a college, it does not mean that I am a lecturer or teaching staff. I am a support staff actually.

The weather is good today but I have been busy since morning. There are quite a number of support calls that need to be attended. Just when I have some time to update my blog, the 110mb is facing some problems and will be up and down in the next few hours or so. It is so frustrating because it has been working fine for a month after the breakdown.

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