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A while ago, I talked about the health and safety training that I had attended. Well, I received a certificate from the training but I wonder that if it is only useful in my workplace or it is widely recognized. Sometimes, when I think about it, I wonder if I should get myself an insurance policy. As far as I know, the college insurance only covers me while I am working in the college, not outside.

However, sometimes when I think about insurance, I could imagine the persistent calls made by those insurance agents and somehow, I feel puzzled as in how they manage to get my numbers. When I requested for more documented information by post, they seem to avoid that conversation and urge me to complete the transaction through the phone calls.

Claims for you online insurance is much more different and all the information is available and published on the website. There is nothing much to worry about it as you can take your time to read and understand the policy about accident compensation. And if you have queries, you can always call for free on the hotline number displayed on the website.

To me, safety is our own responsible and insurance is a kind of protection to us financially and support.

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