Online or books

I will be browsing some cars this Friday somewhere near my sister’s place. I made a few calls just now and most of the cheap cars were sold. Few months ago, I have been looking at car information over the internet such as insurance, finance, tax, MOT and in search for cars which are branded as reliable. Well, I believe that the information that I found was fruitful but still, I bought the AutoTrader magazine last couple of days.

Mee was puzzled because AutoTrader online contains more information about buying and selling cars as well as the selections of used cars compare to the magazine. Somehow, I feel that by getting books, I can always flip it through and refer to the important information in it rather than having to go online, key in the address and click on the required information. Moreover, if the dealers or sellers see that I am carrying the AutoTrader magazine, they will most probably know that I have made some research or at least, know the current car prices.

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