Rare vinyl records and memorabilias

When my siblings and I were still small, we always felt curious when looking at our father’s black discs collections. They looked like CD to me yet they were bigger but fragile. They did not fit in to the CD drive we had in our computer and hi-fi system. In addition to it, there was this huge piece of black machine which turned round and round when we powered it on but my father had warned us not to put the black discs on it as it would damage the discs. So, we put our toy cars on it and watched them being spun.

The black discs are called gramophone records or vinyl records and the huge black machine is called the turntable. My father has managed to fix the turntable in the end and we are able to listen to the vinyl records now. The sound may not be perfect and crisp but you get the feel of oldies when listen to it. By looking at the vinyl records that my father has, I believe that Elvis Presley was my father’s favourite. I wonder if my father had made the effort to watch Elvis Presley concert in other countries. He never tells us about it and should he have a concert ticket of that time, it would be priceless.

Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia are hard to find nowadays and my father definitely makes the effort to protect them by sealing them in plastic covers. Come to think of it now, I wonder if my father still keeps the original paper covers.


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