Tomorrow will be better …

The server processes were halted and we have decided to leave it overnight and hopefully, it will not cause any problem after tonight. Or hopefully, the server will not shutdown unexpectedly again. I will have some internal training tomorrow with another department so that I can understand their nature of work and will be able to help them in case they are short of staff. Well, actually, there are only two people in that department.

Anyway, I am glad to help because it is all about knowledge gaining and also something to do with the system.

By the way, I felt really tired yesterday. Maybe because I worked from 0830 until 2000 and after that, I walked home. The bus service runs on every one hour after 1915 during weekdays. I did not leave the college on time and most probably I would not be able to reach the bus station at 2015. Hence, I walked home. When I reached my house, the 2015 bus arrived too.

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