Tomtom One V3 …

Oh yeah, I bought a Tomtom One V3 yesterday at Argos. And just today, I read a news saying that a girl died because the ambulance’s sat nav showed the driver a longer route. Soon after that, the sat nav packed up and the driver picked up the wrong turn and got lost eventually.

When we were in Scotland, my friends borrowed Tomtom One from another friend and it had managed to direct us to whichever destination we set up. There had been a little misleading case where it showed us another road in contrast with the road sign. We decided to follow the road sign, though and the Tomtom kept urging us to make a U-turn for umpteen times and we wondered if it would start swearing because we did not follow its instructions.

Sometimes, it just makes people wonder if we should trust the sat nav. I remember when I first worked as a support in Malaysia; all I did was to follow the directions mapped out by my manager. Later on, I depended on maps which were quite useful and eventually, I was able to recognize most of the roads and places.

Now, technology evolves and I will be using Tomtom sat nav once I get my first car in UK. Well, I have seen drivers in Malaysia using sat nav too but not many.

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