Test driving …

Yesterday’s test driving mission was not able to proceed successfully. I had arranged a few appointments with different traders but some of them are quite faraway from my sister’s place while some of them could not be contacted last minute. We ended up viewing only one car which was not in good conditions; few scratches, one broken lamp and not so clean upholstery.

We were supposed to view one nearby but was told that the car was sent for valeting. It is a process of cleaning the car inside and outside thoroughly. We waited the whole day but the car will only be available today.

Hence, again, I traveled to my sister’s place today just to view and test drive the car. Overall, the car was good and we ended up paying deposit and will be collecting the car next Saturday. Quite a quick decision but since the price was within my budget and the car service history was acceptable, we did not think that there were any more issues to discuss about. I even video called Mee during her break at work so that she could have a look at the car as well.

My mission right now is to look for a nice insurance quote.

Again, hopefully, it was a right decision.

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