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I am looking forward to driving the car this Saturday yet I have a lot of mixed feelings at the moment. I think the main factor is money. When I was studying accounting during my high school years, students were told that car is part of assets. As I grown up, car is a liability in the real world. Insurance, tax, fuel price, repair, servicing and maintenance; they all have to be done in order to keep the car going and of course, money comes in so that they could be carried out.

Hence, any extra income would definitely be of help to lessen my burden. The income from blog is good to at least give me a tank of fuel each month and if better, I could save it for my tax or insurance. For some of you who might not have the time to setup blog or hardly have any idea of writing a blog, you might want to try taking surveys.

GetPaidToTry offers $20 for each new member who signs up and completes the member bonuses. These bonuses will lead you to more survey websites and other money making websites too. Each day, GetPaidToTry will send relevant emails to your mailbox to inform you the latest survey and offers that could earn you some money. Nothing is free but surveys companies need our opinions in order for them to complete their statistics, which is why they are willing to pay for completing surveys.

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