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As I search through car insurance websites, it seems that it is quite a time-wasting procedure having to enter my details all over again whenever I come to another insurance company. However, price comparison websites are getting more popular nowadays in helping consumers getting the best price out of several to hundreds competitors by listing out the prices, policies as well as other relevant information.

The best part is that I only have to fill in my details once and they do the rest. Product comparison websites are equally useful because consumers are able to compare the products on the market. For example diet pill, there are so many brands, ingredients and prices in the market which make the consumers hard to decide which one to buy. Thus, these comparison websites will usually contain a list of pros and cons based on surveys and comments of users who have used it before. The surveys and comments will not be biased because they are not derived from the original product website and they aim to provide the most truthful results to their visitors.

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