Something to think about, or nothing …

Last weekend was history. Four and a half days left before it is Saturday. Should I be counting the days left or am I just being excited? It is not like I have not driven a car before. Maybe, it is because I do not have a car to drive for a year and a half. I have not been myself since Saturday. I do not really know what I am thinking about but still, my mind is occupied. I have to stay focus right now.

I almost overslept this morning but still managed to board the bus on time. Weather is nice, bright and sunny. Hehe, my sister did mention to me that I always talk about weather in almost all my posts. Well, what can I do? I am facing a window while I work and any changes to the weather will be quite noticeable. Thus, whenever I type something, I will be looking out the window naturally.

Hmmm…. I did not really explain a lot about Saturday’s happenings. First, I took the wrong train and that cost me an additional hour to reach my sister’s place. When I board on the train, I was busy playing PSP until I realized that the train had reached Crystal Palace.

Before that, I thought of getting myself a McDonald meal with a voucher but they were serving breakfast and the voucher is not available during breakfast. Thus, I thought that I would reach my sister’s place at around 1230 and I would have 30 minutes time to eat something before my sister came back from work. However, I took the wrong train. In the end, I only had toasted bread and a glass of milk.

I was quite tired at the end of the day because from 0800 until 1800, I only had a glass of juice, a glass of milk and toasted bread. Well, I reached Basingstoke around 1800 and I went to McDonald again to get myself a meal. I then walked to Mee’s workplace and ate the burger while waiting for Mee. Hopefully, this Saturday will be easy to me.

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