Planning my leaves, maybe …

It is Tuesday now. I had an internal training with another department yesterday. It was quite good because I have a better understanding on the operation of my department and other departments. Those things were not told to me when I first joined the college. There will be at least three sessions per week and each session will last about three hours at most.

One of my colleagues is having a three weeks holiday and I heard that she will be going to Florida with her family. And my ex-manager is having a week off this week. Soon, it will be my turn or my manager’s turn to have some leaves taken. I wonder when my manager will take his leaves because it will be August soon and our leaves expire at the end of August. Also, my previous overtime hours during part-time enrolment period have earned me some time in lieu where it will be added into my total leaves too.

Hmm… my sister said that guys cannot multitask. I think that Mee said it before too. That is because I keep telling them that I will do my other tasks once I accomplish my car stuffs. So, whatever it is, I will plan my leaves once I have my car’s payment, insurance and breakdown cover sorted out. Anyway, it has to be sorted out within this week.

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