The Leviathan Chronicles


The first time that I heard about the word Leviathan was from Final Fantasy VII. Leviathan is one of the most powerful summon materias in the later stage of Final Fantasy VII. Leviathan materia also features in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and I always think that game producers are always good in naming things and powers. As I wiki for Leviathan, it is actually a Biblical sea monster.

I used to listen to radio drama where the stories were either about love or hate and we could usually see it from television drama. Sci-Fi story is quite a new thing to me and after listening the first episode while at work, it definitely makes me feel wanting for more.

The hottest Sci-Fi story, The Leviathan Chronicles, is available online now for listening. And it is free. The story talks about immortality and mortal beings living in the same world. So, are they battle one another in order to survive in this world or are they trying to live peacefully together? It is all up to you to find out through listening to The Leviathan Chornicles podcast. While you listen to the podcasts, do not forget to read more about the characters featured in The Leviathan Chornicles. Well, I am quite attracted to the character Seinshun, the Rebellion Leader and also the youngest immortal.

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