Server up, but only temporary …

It is Thursday. The weather is cold and the sky is dark. I could not update my blog since yesterday because it was down yesterday’s afternoon when it was up again; all the files are on read-only permission until now. Somehow, this only happens on box13 server where my blog is located.

Well, my photo gallery is almost ready now. In fact, it was ready until yesterday when Mee complaint that it was difficult to navigate through the pictures. Hence, I am changing it to another easy to use photo gallery which I have tested it before.

I am quite fed up with Firefox version 2 and I am trying the version 3 again now. The problem that I am facing with version 2 is that the pop up does not show any information. This happens since the upgrade to and the latest version is of no help too. I guess that I will need to change my home computer’s Firefox as well.

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