A different day after work …

I reached home at around 1730. Normally, I would be on the bus or still waiting for the bus at that time. I should have reached at 1715 but the traffic was a bit heavy. Maybe I should use another road tomorrow. The feeling of being home early is definitely different.

Mee and I had mild curry for dinner.

Mee travelled around the superstores in Basingstoke to buy some food and to look for discounted items. She met me at my workplace to pass some of the things she bought so that she could carry on to another superstore.

My landlord is here now and he is talking to my housemates at the moment. I wonder what is he complaining now.

2 responses on “A different day after work …

  1. Sis

    YO bro, it would actually be quite nice if u had remembered to text or call me when u reached home last saturday to save me from having to worry about u driving on ur own through m25 and m3!!!

    and now u got ur car, dont lepak everyday!


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