Casual day, casual dress code …

I have started on my About Me section as of today. I have completed a major part of it but I am unwilling to publish it now. It seems like it is lack of something. Well, I will get it sorted within this week anyway, hopefully.

My manager will be off at 1600 today because he has an appointment with his plumber. The department manager is off for two weeks and we are allowed to wear casual. Hmm… come to think of it, all my t-shirts are collar-less and there are not really presentable at work. I will try to dig out a few from my wardrobe when I get back home later.

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  1. Low Han Yew


    I think in every About page, you should at least write briefly about you and your website. Maybe you have links that point people to know more about you, like your twitter, or facebook. A picture of your face will be cool. I mean, I know I’d like to know what this website and the author is about, at least.

    About Me.
    About This Blog.


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